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Certified Virtual Presenter

Motivational Speaker
Linda Larsen, CSP, CPAE
Speaking Topics

All presentations and titles will be tailored specifically to your needs and conference themes and are designed to be between 50 and 90 minutes long. Linda will speak at length with the meeting planner and several of the organization’s members to further customize her presentation.

Most Requested Topics

Some of Linda's most requested topics suitable for all audiences.

Women's Hot Topics

Topics that help women get better quality results at work and home.


"She was absolute PERFECTION. Amazing, Wonderful... I am getting incredible feedback and can't go 5 feet without one of our $20k Sponsors, or registrants or other sponsors stopping me to say how fabulous she was. I am sitting here in the afterglow of an incredible conference. Linda was a pleasure."

– Kim Fuller
North American Association of Commencement Officers

Funny Motivational Speaker Speaking Topics
Funny Motivational Speaker on Big Stage