Funny Motivational Speaker Linda Larsen presents...


Laugh It Up!
The Humor Rx for Health & Happiness

If laughing lowers our blood pressure, burns calories, reduces stress and strengthens our immune systems, then why don’t we do it more often? Because real life gets in the way, you say? Not so, says funny lady, Linda Larsen! In this very fun and entertaining session, she will give you concrete and innovative ways to reduce heart-damaging stress, actually be MORE productive and resourceful and have WAY more fun at work and at home. You will also learn how humor and happiness can:

  1. Make you reeeeeally attractive.
  2. Make people want to say “yes” to you (buy your product, services & ideas).
  3. Turn cranky people into nice ones (or at least make them leave you alone).
  4. Make you infinitely healthier! This is the PERFECT, high energy, fun, Positive-Attitude-Shift opening to any conference or “Leave-’Em-On-A-High-Note” closing! Warning: Attendees are advised to wear water-proof mascara because you'll be on your way to laughing yourself healthy!

"...trouble-free, flexible, dependable & down-right FUN..."

"Not only do our members love your presentations at our conferences, but you are one of the most prepared, trouble-free, flexible, dependable and down-right fun speakers I’ve worked with. I guess that’s why we’ve had you back 6 times!"

– Linda McNamara, Meetings Department Coordinator
American Business Women’s Association