The Exponential Power of the Leader Known as YOU!

Positively Influencing Others to Help Drive Business Objectives

In our social capital world of disruptive innovation and customer driven outcomes, the old paradigms of leadership no longer apply. Instead, building strong, meaningful relationships keeps surfacing as one of the keys to creating a team of people who are willing to go the extra mile, stay focused on solutions and work collaboratively to reach goals. And in order to do that, today’s great leaders understand the value in first becoming the kind of leader that people want to align with, say yes to, and fully support.

In this “Ah ha-rich,” fast-paced session, Linda will share what great leaders throughout history have known and repeatedly demonstrated. YOU are the greatest asset you can bring to your company, your family and your life. The quality of your outcomes in every domain of your life is directly proportional to the quality of how YOU show up every day – who YOU are, your attitude, your skill set and your perspective.


Great leaders continually make the choice to bring the best version of themselves to life everyday and set the kind of example that makes others what to emulate their actions.


Linda will challenge everyone to rethink what happens to them and what they cannot do, and to focus instead on the positive ways they can respond to what happens to them. They will leave with a deep understanding of the enormous power they have to create massive success, joy and outstanding experiences for their customers, their company and themselves – regardless of what other people are or are not doing!!!


Attendees will also learn:


  • Powerful principles from the science of persuasion that will help them overcome obstacles to success
  • Why they get stuck in behaviors that do not serve them – and how to break free
  • The one simple psychological principle that will work FOR or AGAINST them, depending upon how they use it
  • How to create a deeply loyal team of people at work to help them drive results
  • How to take 100% responsibility for creating the exact outcomes that they want
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“Linda Larsen was magic. She was able to craft a message specific for our audience that combined he expertise with our immediate needs. By combing humor, examples and an informal but highly focused presentation, she demonstrated her command of principles of communication and gave our leadership team immediately useful take-a-ways. True learning took place.”

– Edwin Cooper, President and CEO
Acuity Healthcare

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“Linda Larsen is a dynamic, funny and engaging speaker. We had the pleasure of working with Linda for our Women in Industry Leadership Conference. She took the time to get to know our group before the event, and at the conference she was professional, personable and on her game the entire time. Beyond the sessions, she also led a Member panel discussion, keeping the group in-tune and on-time. Many of our attendees told us that Linda Larsen was the best part of the event – rating her 4.8 out of 5! We would highly recommend hiring Linda for your next event!”

Acuity Healthcare

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Motivational Speaker Linda Larsen with Cue Controller in Hand