Innovate! Generate! Accelerate!

Inspiring Yourself and Others to New Heights of Innovation and Creative Problem Solving

In business today, we cannot rely on past successes to keep us going. We must be continually thinking ahead, and in different and more creative ways.  In this session, attendees learn how to inspire individuals, teams (and themselves, if necessary!) to new heights of productivity by challenging old assumptions and shifting perspectives.  This presentation gives people the 5 essential tools they need to break out of their comfortable little boxes and be exponentially more creative. Interactive, fun and revealing!  


Attendees will also learn:


  1. The #1 thing that stops most people from expressing their creativity and finding that next new idea!
  2. “Killer Phrases” – What they are and why they absolutely MUST be eliminated. 
  3. The one essential creativity ingredient that is absent in most uninspired, uncreative, lackluster workplaces. 
  4. Why change is resisted so fiercely – AND how to get people to actually welcome it!
  5. Ten qualities of highly creative people – that they ALREADY possess.  How to bring them out of hiding and put them to work.
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“Your delivery, without doubt, was incredibly entertaining and held everyone’s interest – even the terminally serious ones. It was the most fun delivery I’ve seen and your message was so very important.”

– Nili Clifford, Manager of Administrative Services UNC Dept of Family Medicine

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Motivational Speaker Linda Larsen with Cue Controller in Hand