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Linda Larsen, CSP, CPAE
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Get a good feel for what funny motivational speaker Linda Larsen brings to a keynote! Content, humor, engagement, fun and results! You’ll see why she’s described as a meeting planner’s dream come true!

Virtually Speaking with Linda Larsen, a certified Virtual Keynote and Motivational Speaker

We really are all in this together.

Funny Motivational Speaker Linda Larsen and the Not-So-Funny Engineers

As a motivational speaker on innovative thinking and creative problem solving, watch how Linda solved her problem of how to connect with a room full of stone-faced engineers.

Funny Motivational Speaker Linda Larsen and the Hilarious Swiveling Antenna

As a motivational speaker on gender communication, Linda Larsen hilariously demonstrates the difference between how men and women operate in the world. This one fall-out-of-your-chair funny!

Funny Motivational Speaker Linda Larsen on the Reality of Your Face

Communication expert, motivational speaker Linda Larsen, shows you how to tell if your face is working for or against you.

Motivational Speaker Linda Larsen Tells the Story of Being Kidnapped and Held Hostage By An Escaped Convict With a .357 Magnum

She is definitely a funny motivational speaker, but like most people, she has had some huge obstacles thrown in her path. Here’s a more in-depth look the riveting, dramatic and true story of the morning when she was kidnapped from work at 11:15 a.m., by an escaped convict with a .357 Magnum and held hostage for over six hours. Oh, and did we mention that it was on the very day that her anxiety, panic attacks and clinical depression had escalated so to the point that, prior to leaving for work that morning, she came perilously close to taking her own life. Her experience and the life lessons she learned in the process will leave you forever changed – for the better.

Funny Motivational Speaker Linda Larsen, a/k/a known as LL Cool Mom Performs Her World Famous Rap Song, Big Deal

As a motivational speaker on creative problem solving, Linda came up with this hysterically funny way to get her son to clean up his room. She wrote and performed this rap song to him. Oh, he cleaned up his room all right. He didn’t speak to her for a month, but he cleaned up his room.