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Staying Right Side Up Program Icon

Staying Right Side Up When Everything is Upside Down

It is absolutely possible to achieve excellence when the world around you seems to be falling apart – IF you know the secrets.

Breaking the Silence

One Woman’s Ongoing Journey to Mental Well-being

Leader Know as You Program Icon

The Exponential Power of the Leader Known as YOU!

In our social capital world of disruptive innovation and customer driven outcomes, the old paradigms of leadership no longer apply. Instead, building strong, meaningful relationships keeps surfacing as one of the keys to creating a team of people who are willing to go the extra mile, stay focused on solutions and work collaboratively to reach goals.

The Art of Customer Service Program Icon

The Art of Creating a Stellar Customer Experience

Every single person in your organization IS your organization. Does everyone understand the vital role they have in creating and keeping customers who want to do business with you for life – AND refer all their friends to you?

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Innovate! Generate! Accelerate!

In business today, we cannot rely on past successes to keep us going. We must be continually thinking ahead, and in different and more creative ways.

Oh, My Gripers and Whiners Program Icon

Gripers, Complainers & Whiners, Oh My!

They’re everywhere! We work with them, live with them and do business with them. And the truth is that they can make our life miserable AND negatively impact our bottom line if we don’t know the most effective ways to deal with them.

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“Five years ago you helped us set the tone and define who we are in terms of customer service and team work. Having you back again last month to speak to our new team, I am reminded that your unique ability to make us laugh while helping us learn is beyond wonderful. You’re amazing.”

– Diane Weiss, MS, Weiss Pediatric Care
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One Woman’s Ongoing Journey To Mental Well-being

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