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Linda Larsen, CSP, CPAE
The Success Manager's Tookit

After repeated requests from meeting planners for a session that would provide more in depth training for managers and supervisors, Linda created a half-day workshop to meet those requests.


*You wouldn’t dream of undertaking any kind of a building project without a complete tool kit to insure the job is done correctly. And this is especially true if your goal as a manager is to build a team that is positive and highly productive, quickly solves problems and provides stellar customer service. In this fast-paced, workshop you will get all the tools you need to dramatically improve your bottom line. You’ll leave knowing how to provide the kind of service that will create loyal, happy customers for life and make them want to scream your praises to anyone who will listen. You’ll learn how to think in more innovative and creative ways in order to find solutions to many of your most annoying challenges. You’ll also discover how to effectively deal with your most difficult employees and customers and de-escalate disagreements before they problematic.


*This workshop is highly customizable. Just tell Linda what your specific objectives are for your group, and she will design the workshop around your needs.

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“I was so happy to have Linda as the Keynote speaker at our event for the 2nd time. She is engaging from start to finish. She “nailed” the topic with interesting examples and kept the audience laughing while providing lessons they could take back to work and use immediately. I would go out of my way to hear her speak!”

– Margaret Beck, Executive Director of HR 
State College of Florida

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