The Art of Creating a Stellar Customer Experience

How to Create Unprecedented Buyer Loyalty

Every single person in your organization IS your organization. Does everyone understand the vital role they have in creating and keeping customers who want to do business with you for life – AND refer all their friends to you? In this information-packed presentation people will learn very specific skills to help create the kind of environment that makes people LOVE you and your product or service, and sing your praises to anyone who will listen. 


Attendees will learn:


  1. Three things that they MUST know about every human being before they interact with any customer.
  2. The information the customers pick up about them before they ever say a word – and how to make that information the right stuff!
  3. The #1 thing people will ALWAYS remember about their experience with every customer service provider.
  4. How to dramatically differentiate their product or service (and themselves) from their competition.
  5. How to exponentially elevate the concept of “Client/customer/patient Relationships” to create unprecedented buyer loyalty.
  6. How to de-escalate any potential problem really quickly.
  7. Customer service words that work miracles – and the ones that create problems.
  8. How to say “no” to a customer, or decline their request in such a way that actually leaves the person happy.

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“Linda totally captivated our group! She brought such positive energy to our Customer Service spring conference. She was funny, personable, positive, approachable and an all-around joy. The relevance she brought to our members in such a creative fun-filled experience was still being talked about a year later at this year’s conference.”

– Stephanie Cunningham Chemicals & Allied Industries Customer Service Management Group

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Motivational Speaker Linda Larsen on Customer Service