Playing to Win - It's Not Your Mother's Playground Anymore

 Secrets to Successful Gender Communication

The rules in business today have changed. And yes, you can break the rules if you choose, but first you must know what they are. In this workshop participants will learn the different ways that men and women approach situations and how they can adapt to meet challenges and solve problems effectively. They will investigate how, as women, they can position themselves for success – and actually strengthen relationships with others at the same time. 

Additionally they will learn:

  1. 25-distinct differences in how men and women think and behave.
  2. How to ask for what they want in a way that works!
  3. Specific communication techniques that are a MUST when communicating with the opposite sex.
  4. 3-common mistakes most women make and how to avoid them.
  5. 7-keys to enjoy healthy competition.
  6. Which nonverbal body language undermines your message and which supports it.

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“Thank you so much for everything! We totally enjoyed your entire presentation and working with you! We appreciate all the energy you brought to the table – Everyone has raved about you!”

–Cody Thomas, Executive Director National Foundation for Women Legislators

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