Funny Motivational Speaker Linda Larsen presents...

Certified Virtual Presenter

YOU! Super Hero! Super Star! Super Exhausted!
How to Effectively Help Others Without Frying Your Golden Goose

(This high energy, fun session is particularly well suited for people in the healthcare and service industries, and for all women’s groups)
With all of life’s fast-paced, high stress demands it becomes very easy to put ourselves rock-bottom last on our own “to-do” list.

And the result? Compromised health, exhaustion, frustration, strained relationships, depression, guilt, and acute crankiness. In this incredibly funny, fast-paced and potentially life saving session, attendees will learn practical, doable strategies that they can immediately put to use to bring more focus, mental acuity, good health and happiness into their lives. They will recognize what they have been repeatedly doing (with the best of intentions) that adds to their stress levels, and how to proactively change those behaviors. They will also leave knowing:

  1. The number one thing most people do AUTOMATICALLY (many times a day) that takes them to the breaking point – and how to stop it!
  2. One powerful technique to help them shift their emotional state from cranky and irritable to peaceful and relaxed within minutes
  3. How to say “no” without feeling guilty – in such a way that actually BUILDS relationships rather than compromises them
  4. Why “the pursuit of happiness” is not only a worthwhile goal – but a potentially life saving one as well.
  5. How to turn “shark-infested waters” into gentle pools of happy angel fish (or… how to turn cranky people into happy ones!)

"...engaging and funny
...learning valuable lessons..."

"Linda is so engaging and funny. I don’t think we realized that we were learning valuable lessons until the next day when our sides had stopped hurting"

– Terry Stringer, Learning and Development,
El Paso Corp