Funny Motivational Speaker Linda Larsen presents...

Certified Virtual Presenter

What Makes This Motivational Speaker Different?

Seven things make Linda stand out in a very crowded field:

"...powerful, soulful
nd wildly entertaining..."

"I’ve been hiring professional speakers, entertaininers, and infotainers for 35 years. When faced with filling this voluminous role, you were the first professional speaker who came to mind. You flawlessly and masterfully embraced everything we asked of you. And, on the fourth day, you closed out our convention with a powerful, soulful, and wildly entertaining keynote that brought a full house to their feet with a standing ovation."

– Dan Maddux, Executive Director
American Payroll Association

What Makes Funny Motivational Speaker Linda Larsen Different Motivation Speaker Linda Larsen Speaking at FAA
Linda Larsen on the Suncoast View