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Certified Virtual Presenter

For Meeting Planners
You've Booked Linda, Now What?

  1. Linda or her Vice-President in Charge of Making Things Happen (the Fabulous Kate Holgate - will call you for information for the agreement and then email it to you.
    You sign and send back the agreement with a 50% deposit and the date is officially YOURS!
  2. You then fill out the questionnaire about your group, your challenges, objectives, etc., and Linda will get to work learning as much about you as she can.
  3. A few weeks before your event, Linda or Kate will contact you for the names and contact information of a few of your members/employees/attendees so that she can have a conversation with them. Kate will also confirm all the travel logistics, cell phone numbers, hotel information, etc. and answer any of your last-minute questions.
  4. Linda will call you the minute she arrives onsite so you can take off the "Has my speaker arrived yet?" hold button.
  5. That's it! Linda promises to be your most fun, easy, hassle-free, prepared, professional speaker you EVER book!

Here are some resources to provide you with all the information you need to help Linda deliver a stellar presentation.

Questions and Answers

You've got questions. We've got answers. Bada Bing Bada Bang Bada Boom!

Download Questionnaire

Make certain all your objectives are accomplished.

Room Set Up

We understand that every room is different in size, configuration and lighting, so here are some requests...

Audio / Video Requirements

All things audio and video, recording and presenting...


Introductions for Women's Groups, General Audience...

Bios for Programs & Brochures

Bios to inform attendees about Linda, or contact her if you’d like one customized for your industry...

Photo Downloads

Download photos of Linda for programs and brochures.

Attendee's Gifts

The PERFECT answer to your attendees' lament, "If only I could take Linda home with me!"


"Wow! Your presentation set the tone for our whole convention. Your entertaining style gave us thoughtful aids to face life's challenges in a most memorable manner"

– Betsy Morgan
Florida Association of Residential Property Managers

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