Can I Borrow a Little of Your Strength For a While?

As a motivational speaker for women, I am totally clear that I teach the things I need to learn. I haven’t “arrived.” I’m not speaking from some platform in the sky. I’m in the trenches, making mistakes and, hopefully, learning as I go. And today I had a delicious “aha” moment. 

We are remodeling a little apartment that is part of our house and there is a LOT of chaos, mess and disorganization.  Most of the the furnishings have migrated into the main house, money keeps flying out the door and the time frame for completion has been pushed forward about 25 times.  And here’s the deal. I don’t do well with disorganization. I know I don’t. Yes, it’s probably a control issue, and yes, I’ve made progress with it, but mostly I get reeeeeeally antsy and stressed when there’s stuff everywhere.  And when I get antsy and stressed, I’m no fun to be around – and that’s putting it mildly.

So what’s a girl to do when she feels wimpy, cranky and “less-than strong and powerful?” 

  1. This one is a big one for  me: IT’S OKAY TO FEEL ALL THOSE THINGS! I used to think that there was something wrong with me if I couldn’t handle everything. Well, newsflash to me: If I can’t handle everything it just means that I’m pretty normal.
  2. I can borrow some strength from a girlfriend if I need to. Oh, thank you Polly Pitchford, girlfriend extraordinaire. I called her up and asked her if she could loan me a little strength for a while. And then I whined, complained and bemoaned my outcast fate while she listened and empathized and said ALL the right things. Second newsflash: IT’S OKAY TO ASK FOR HELP.
  3. Give yourself “x” period of time to feel what you’re feeling and then move the heck on. IT’S NOT OKAY TO TAKE UP RESIDENCY IN YOUR FEELINGS.

And there you have it. Time’s over. I’m back to good now. I’m going to go sit in the middle of my squalor and laugh at it all. 

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