Did You Do Something You Weren’t Supposed To Do?

As a motivational speaker on customer service I make it a point to observe what actions work really well to create happy, fiercely loyal customers, clients and patients for life – and which do just the opposite. And today I had one of those experiences wherein I saw a spectacularly great customer service idea in action. It was at my car dealership’s service department.

I took my husband’s car in because it was pulling a little to the right. He had gotten new tires and an alignment about 40 days earlier and, since the warranty for the work was only for 30 days, I was fully expecting that we would have to pay for this service. That’s when our service representative did the most amazing thing.

He did what he wasn’t supposed to do. He tried to figure out some way that he could get this service covered. I don’t know how he planned to do it.  I don’t know what all he was writing down on my service order. I have no idea. All I know is there was a chance I could get something that I wasn’t SUPPOSED to get – because he was doing something she wasn’t SUPPOSED to do.

And that got me to thinking. What if the heads of companies and organizations empowered their people to “find things that you are not SUPPOSED to do – and do them.” Not huge things – but little things that could make a big difference.  For instance, not supposed to take back an item after 30 days? Do it anyway. Not SUPPOSED to give more than one free sample to a patient? Do it anyway. Not SUPPOSED to throw in the 10% off coupon. Do it anyway. Believe me, you will make people feel so incredibly special and important that they will want to go write a blog about how AMAZING you are!

From your VERY happy motivational speaker Linda Larsen – the one with a perfectly aligned car

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