What Kind of an Animal Are You Anyway?

Fish Art

Leave it to a funny motivational speaker to see what others had looked at many times and never seen  – myself included. 

Healthy lifestyle expert (and my good friend) Polly Pitchford was at my house visiting when she suddenly noticed the fish sculpture in its new location on my wall. She stopped mid-sentence, laughed and said, “If you were a fish – that would be YOU!”  

I looked at it and immediately saw what she was talking about. Yes! That little fish WOULD be me! And I LOVED it! Wacky, silly, fun, whimsical. She basically embodied many of the elements that I totally identify with! 

And that got me to thinking. If you weren’t a human-type being, what would YOU be? Is there an animal or a cartoon character or a piece of art or a flower that you would look at and say, “Yes. That is me. That’s what I’m like.” Is there? I’d love to know.

Gotta go brush my smiling teeth now. They’re looking a little gray…

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